Professor Edouard Musabanganji


Prof Edouard Musabanganji

Meet Prof Edouard Musabanganji and his inspiring academic journey

Edouard Musabanganji is a Professor of Agricultural Economics who works as an Academic and Research staff at University of Rwanda since 2010. He defines himself as a goal-oriented, result-driven and passionate learner wishing to contribute consistently in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and impacting my community and the country at large. Musabanganji is among the seven academic staff recently promoted to the rank of full professors. We caught up with him and he discusses his experience and trajectory towards becoming one of the prolific researchers in the University.

What is your area of research interest and how does it contribute to the growth of UR and the country at large ?

My research focuses on the dynamic confluence of Applied Statistics and Agricultural Economics. I believe in the power of knowledge and research to guide fact-based policy decisions that can transform the agricultural sector into a more sustainable, efficient, and equitable system. Hence, as an Agricultural Economist, through rigorous quantitative researches, my mission is to contribute to the betterment of society by exploring innovative solutions to the challenges being faced including climate change, population growth, diminishing resources, and technological advancements which pose both significant threats and opportunities. This has a direct impact on the growth and sustainable development of the University of Rwanda as well as my country.

You must be one of the youngest Professors at the University of Rwanda, how did that happen ?

Being promoted to the academic rank of Professor on accelerated mode required hard work combined with dedication, rigorous discipline and an unwavering passion for teaching and research. This was coupled with my never-ending quest for knowledge.

Looking back on your academic career, what are the biggest bold decisions you took that contributed to your current status ?

One of the most significant decisions I made was to pursue PhD degree in Agricultural Economics which allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge in my field and equipped me with required qualification to progress in academia. This was complemented by the decision to immerse myself in rigorous research activities early in my career. This involved choosing pertinent research topics, securing funding, and collaborating with experts in my field. My commitment to research not only expended my knowledge and enriched my research and teaching, but also led to publications and recognition in the academic community.

What could be your take home message to aspiring academics who want to propel their career ?

Embrace challenges and consistently look for ways to broaden the intellectual horizons. Maintain unwavering dedication to teaching and research excellence while prioritizing loyalty and collaboration. In addition, academic growth is not just about academic excellence, but also the positive impact of the academics’ works on society.
Now that you have reached the highest rank in academics, what is the way forward ?
My highest academic rank is not just a personal triumph but a stepping stone to a future where, knowledge, leadership, and positive transformation go hand in hand. I aim to leave behind a lasting legacy through nurturing the next generation of scholars and fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking. Beyond research, and writing books, I aim to engage in policy discussions, bridging the gap between academia and real-world application. By inspiring others and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, I envision a brighter future for both the University of Rwanda and our nation for more than 20 years serving as a Professor of Agricultural Economics.

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