University of Rwanda FAQs

  1. How do I apply to the University of Rwanda?
  2. What programs does the University of Rwanda offer?
  3. What are the admission requirements for international students?
  4. What is the tuition fee for undergraduate/graduate programs?
  5. Can I get a scholarship to study at the University of Rwanda?
  6. What is the academic calendar for the University of Rwanda?
  7. Where are the campuses of the University of Rwanda located?
  8. Is there accommodation available for students?
  9. What facilities are available on campus?
  10. What is the language of instruction at the University of Rwanda?
  11. Are there opportunities for research and internships?
  12. How is the student life at the University of Rwanda?
  13. What support services are available for students (e.g., counseling, career guidance)?
  14. How do I get a student visa for Rwanda?
  15. What are the employment prospects for graduates of the University of Rwanda?

# Full names Campus Issue to support Mobile Phone
1 HABIMANA Theoneste Nyagatare Application 0739579045
2 NDAGIJIMANA Andre Remera Application 0788548234
3 NYIRANGENDAHIMANA Agnes Rukara Application 0788644817
4 KUBWIMANA Leonel Busogo Application 0783063607
5 MUKARUZAMBA Aletha Nyarugenge Application 0739503380
6 Alice KAYITESI Huye Application 0788879782
7 Dan MUGEMA Rwamagana Application 0788595049
8 Therese UZABAKIRIHO Rusizi Application 0788668607
9 BARIKURE Faustin Busogo Payment issues 0788814205
10 NSHOGOZABAHIZI Egide Nyagatare Payment issues 0788786414
11 BATARINGAYA Ignatius Nyarugenge Payment issues 0788851860
12 Jeanne NYUMBAYIRE Remera Payment issues 0788538758
13 HAKIZIMANA Gratien Huye Payment issues 0788725973
14 UWERA Antoinette Rukara Payment issues 0788539756
15 NYINAWUMUNTU Jeanne Gikondo Payment issues 0782019970

Wondering where to start with the admissions process?

Take a look at our guide to what you need to do, when - and where.

Apply to undergraduate Programs

UR undergraduate Programs

If you're interested in bachelor's studies, find step-by-step instructions on how to apply to University of Rwanda.

Apply to postgraduate Programs

Apply to master's and doctorate studies

Find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete and submit an application for master's studies in Rwanda (University of Rwanda) .

Dates and deadlines

Meet deadlines

A successful admissions process means meeting deadlines. Find out all the important dates for your application.

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