University of Rwanda Masters and PhD Program Costs and Payment Modalities.

The University of Rwanda, through the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance hereby announces to all UR Local/EAC Students and Foreign (non– EAC) Students that annual programme cost and modalities of payment for Tuition, Registration, Student ID Card, Caution, Medical Insurance, Student Insurance and Student Union Contribution Fees for postgraduate students are set as follows:




Each student, according to his/her affiliated College, has to pay above detailed fees on the following bank accounts:

accounts payable


The tuition fees for Postgraduate programs shall be paid in installments on semester basis and in equal amounts. This means that, for example, for a two year Master’s program tuition fees will be paid in 4 installments (equivalent to four semesters).


Done in Kigali, this 19th November 2014

Pudence Rubingisa

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance





» College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

» College of Arts and Social Sciences

» College of Business and Economics

» College of Education

» College of Medicine and Health Sciences

» College of Science and Technology

» UR Center Postgraduate Studies