A delegation from the University of Agder(Norway ) visited CST

On Thursday 13th November 2014, CST welcomed a team of academics from the University of Agder (UiA) a visit aimed at strengthening the existing cooperation between the two institutions.

In his opening remarks , the ncipal of the college of Science and Technology(CST) Prof. Manasse Mbonye thanked the Norwegian delegation that included Prof.Frank Reichert, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Science, Mr. Ari Magnus Mathiesen, CEO of WebStudent International and Dr. Maurice Norbert Isabwe, Distance Education leapfrogging project.

The meeting was attended by Deans of Schools and Heads from academic departments.
The existing collaboration has already yielded results, 2 CST staff have graduated with Masters degrees, 5 are currently doing Masters programmes and 3 staff are doing their PhD programmes (1 in Renewable energy,1 in ICT and 1 in Mechatronics).
The discussions held during the meeting emphasised the need for closer partnership between the two institutions and on how CST can be part of the proposed BASE PROJECT to which a MoU on the collaboration is in advanced stages of being finalized.

Other areas of interest under discussion included:

1-Offering post doctoral research opportunities to eligible candidates
2-Continue the support for Masters and PhD Programmes.
3-Widen the scope of cooperation beyond ICT and Renewable energy and consider more programmes like Mining and Geology, etc
4-Norwegian students are welcome to CST to share, learn and interact with Rwandan students.
5- Prepare joint grant applications and faculty from both institutions can visit and share experiences.


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