First Call for Academic Promotion, 2014

The University of Rwanda is in recognition of most eminent academic and research members who have shown an extraordinary level of scholarly, creative achievement and clear potential for continuing accomplishments and for a sustained record of teaching excellence by issuing its first call for promotion by Monday October 27, 2014 .

Full dossiers should be submitted electronically to, and hard copy to the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance include:

Completed Application for Personal Promotion form (Appendix 3);
Candidate’s Statement not exceeding 4,000 words (Appendix 2);
Curriculum Vitae is in the prescribed format (Appendix 4);
Application clearly shows what has been done since last promotion/ appointment or details on how shortcomings have been addressed from previous unsuccessful application;
Certified copies of certificates for qualifications, programmes or courses completed (if applicable);
Copies of peer reviewed journal publications (since last promotion);
Copies of peer reviewed conference publications (since last promotion);
Copies of published books published (since last promotion);
Copies of books chapters (since last promotion);
Copies of other publications to be assessed as research output;
Table of post-graduate supervision (if applicable);
Student evaluation reports by Quality Assurance Unit (at least 3);
Performance evaluation report;
Line Manager’s Report;
Referees’ Reports;
Copies of publications and other supporting documents;
Policy and Procedures on Academic Staff Appointments and Promotions.

Complete applications are due Friday November 7, 2014 .

All Candidates are requested to submit the completed application form together with the candidate’s statement, curriculum vitae and all the supporting documents as listed above (Appendix 2) or and UR Policy and Procedures on academic Promotion . Candidates shall be informed, in writing, by the Chairperson of the Promotion Committee byFriday December 19, 2014the decision taken in regard his/her application. Useful forms for your application can be obtained to UR website, and your respective Colleges Website.


Deputy Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance

University of Rwanda

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