University Service Charter

The University of Rwanda has a Service Charter covering all domains of its work and business. The Charter is built on our core values of:

Academic excellence 

Excellence in teaching, research, creative endeavours, students’ services and all aspects of the University’s operations, is continuously pursued at the University.


The University is inextricably linked with the nation’s development. The University community is compelled to be compassionate in the services it renders to the nation and this demands commitment, sensitivity, selfless service, courage, understanding and care.


The University was created for students. They are at the forefront of all University’s activities, listened to and involved at all levels of decision-making in the University.

Honesty and integrity

Integrity and honesty give the UR community the ability to realize the greater good in their actions and programs, held accountable by doing what is right and ethical, and communicating with honesty, directness and respect.

Freedom of inquiry

University is open and welcoming to diverse people, ideas and perspectives from all over the world. This strengthens the academic programs and prepares students to be competitive on the international stage.

Innovation and creativity

Creativity and innovation are hallmarks of the University’s journey to create a niche in higher education in Africa. It will seek new approaches to service delivery, new academic programs, new products and provide a conducive environment for curiosity and imagination.

Social justice

The University is committed to trans-formative education that empowers qualified students to consider their greater place within a global society. The University will play a significant role in shaping the world’s next generation of progressive and ethical leaders.


The University is accountable to its students, staff, stakeholders and the public for fulfilling its mission through a strong and effective stewardship of resources and assets – financial, infrastructural and human - and an open exchange of ideas by engaging the public.

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