UR Huye campus students union and Dean’s office invite staff and students for a monthly entertainment show

Every last weekend of the month, the University of Rwanda (UR) Huye campus will have entertainment programs free of charge.

This was announced by Mr. Benjamin Kageruka, Dean of students at UR Huye campus.Mr. Kageruka reveals that the objectives of these entertainment activities include the assistance to UR Huye community to relax after the hard work all along the month, the talent detection for students, visibility of the campus among others. “We will be entertaining UR Huye campus every last weekend of the month. This will be an opportunity for students to showcase their talent and it will be also an opportunity for our campus to make difference as we think such activities don’t exist everywhere. These entertainment doings will be free of charge, we call upon students to come and see their brothers and sisters, staff members are also invited to come and see talents of their students,” Kageruka explained.

The acting Guild Minister of sports and Culture at UR Huye campus Miss Sylvie Umutesi said artists students are very contented with this initiative. “We had a consultation meeting with artists and they were grateful towards the mentioned initiative. “ In this perspective, Mr. Albert Hategekimana, the Coordinator of Inyamibwa culture troupe, one of the troupes based at UR Huye campus appreciates the initiative to entertain the university community at least once per month. Mr. Hategekimana asserts that this was a needed occasion for Inyamibwa CultureTroupe who always wish to entertain students and staff as much as possible. He adds that there is no doubt for Inyamibwa troupe that during performance sessions some students will decide to join them.
Miss Sylvie Umutesi indicated that the UR Huye campus regular entertainment shows will bring together different faith based choirs, individual artists, cultural dancing troupes, Drama troupes, etc.

These entertainment activities are set to start on Friday, the 31st October 2014 with secular artists and Saturday, 1st November will be the turn of the faith-based artists. All events will be starting at 6pm in Grand Auditorium.

By Jean Baptiste Micomyiza


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