Press Release: The 2nd AfricaLics International Conference

The 2nd AfricaLics International Conference jointly organized by the University of Rwanda and AfricaLics will be held from 17th to 19th November at the University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus in Kigali, Rwanda.

The theme of this conference is ‘unpacking systems of innovation for sustainable development in Africa’. It will cover a wide set of sub-themes on important aspects linking innovation and competence-building for development. This conference is being held during a year of change with regards international development goals. The world is witnessing the start of a post-2015 agenda that focuses on issues of sustainable development. One of the Sustainable Development Goals is focused exclusively on fostering innovation (Goal 9). This conference will consider what is needed to address this goal in the context of different African countries and their interaction with the global economy. It will do this through the lens of ‘systems of innovation’ – the idea that innovation is most successful when there is the right set of actors and conditions available creating an enabling environment - and related ideas around the learning, innovation and competence building systems that are needed to ensure inclusive and sustainable development for all.

Over 100 papers will be presented from various countries in Africa and it will attract over 220 participants both locally and internationally. Dignitaries from various organizations in Rwanda will also participate including the Minister of Education, Honorable Dr. Papias Musafiri who will officially open the conference.

An Open Symposium on “Innovation and Inclusive Development in Rwanda” will take place on 17th November 2015. This event is open to the members of the public, government representatives, the private sector, the research community and students. The objective of the Open Symposium is to allow the different communities of practice, to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities facing Rwanda and Africa, and opportunities that can be harnessed to promote innovation and inclusive development. Key note speakers have been invited to help the participants deliberate on this subject.

University of Rwanda will also show case its different programmes and activities on the mainstreaming of innovation and entrepreneurship through curriculum transformation. The University will also demonstrate how different departments are meeting a variety of innovation and development challenges faced by Rwanda.

During the conference an exhibition of research papers and innovations from various institutions in Rwanda will also be on displayed to showcase the various innovative solutions in the country. A number of exhibitors from University of Rwanda colleges, Rwanda Development Board and other institutions have also confirmed participation.

Background to AfricaLics

The African network of researchers in learning, innovation and competence building systems (AfricaLics) is the African regional network for researchers involved in innovation and development research with a specific interest in promoting learning, innovation and competence building systems approaches. The network currently includes scholars from Algeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania.

AfricaLics is the African Chapter of the Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (Globelics), an international network of scholars who apply the concept of "learning, innovation, and competence building system" (LICS) as a framework for promoting inclusive and sustainable development in developing countries, emerging economies and societies in transition. Other regional chapters of Globelics have been developed in Asia, Latin America, the Mediterranean region and Europe (Asialics, Lalics, MEDAlics and Eurolics). In some countries national networks have been established, such as CICALICS in China and Indialics in India.

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The University of Rwanda is a multi-College, multi-campus institution offering a wide range of academic programmes, on all its campuses, leading to both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. The Mission of the University of Rwanda is to support the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, where students are prepared for lives of service, leadership and solutions finding. As such, it provides opportunities for students to pursue a variety of programs - some that are quite specialized in nature, others that are multi-disciplinary and/or problem-based in focus. And to undertake their studies at different locations across the country, through both face to face and distance learning modes of delivery. More information about UR is available on:

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