The University of Rwanda stands out in the IUCEA Exhibition

For the 1st time since its inception the University of Rwanda participated in the 3rd forum and exhibitions organized in collaboration with Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), East Africa Business Council (EABC) and East African Development Bank (EADB).

The event was hosted by Rwanda and unveiled by the Minister of Education Prof. Silas Lwakabamba.
Speaking during the conference Mr. Felix G N Mosha, the EABC Chairman emphasized on the innovation based production of new goods and the emergence of new markets. He also talked about forging the collaboration and partnership of the three main actors, Public-Private-Academia in the development of the region. He stressed on having good trained human capacity and good leadership for the development to take place.

He lured out the Afro pessimism whereby Africans think that whatever is complicated then it is insurmountable to them; which is rampant in African culture. He urged participants to rather harness optimism of other countries like Malaysia who developed a number of slogans including, “Malaysia Can” which is a big contributor to where Malaysia is today.
Mr. Felix Mosha went on explaining the job mobility in Africa and exhorted participants create more jobs. “Deloitte did a recent study where they project that 65% of jobs in the next few years have not been created yet. This only gives hope that innovation will spearhead economic growth in this region,” he said as he addressed the guests from all sectors in attendance. He encouraged those in attendance to start with what is already available by deepening cooperation and mutual collaboration in order to boost the growth.

“The products are there but the commercialization is missing and we should stop the bad approach of selling in our inner circle but rather expand outside,” Felix Mosha said.
Among the speakers at the forum was Engr. Umar B, Bindir is the CEO of National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion in Nigeria who in his presentation urged academic entities to create industrial centers which could help the graduates to put into practice what they have learned.

He reiterated that synergy and sharing know-how between the academia and industry will bear good results if there is an improved cohesion with knowledge, science and technology.

In the course this forum and exhibitions, UR Senior Management were in attendance and participated in different group sessions of the conference. UR also had shared its publications and services at the exhibition site.


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