UR-CE students showcase their talents

The Students Union at the University of Rwanda, College of Education concluded a Students’ Talent Show around the theme “Education as a Fundamental Pillar for Sustainable Development”. The annual event which lasted for 2 weeks seeks among others, to provide a platform for students to interact and build a strong relationship and equip students with public speaking skills and self confidence as aspiring teachers while promoting the culture of competition.

Speaking during the ceremony, Prof. George Njoroge took the audience through short movie screening that illustrate the fruits of resolve and perseverance that made the likes of Stephen W. Hawking, Rosemarie Siggins and Nicholas James Vujicic who, despite having minimum chances to survive in their communities, succeeded and became renown figures and are still inspiring many due to their achievements.

Prof. George Njoroge speaking during the ceremony

“You did not win because you have a gun; you win because of the ability of yourself to use that gun” Njoroge said, adding that resources, potentials and talents are many as people can imagine, but the deference always depends on the ability to use them.

In his remarks, the Guild President of Students Union at UR-CE Mr Didace Ntambara commended students’ participation at the function which, according to him, is a clear proof that it was beneficial to them. He added that Students’ Talent Show is not only to showcase one’s skills and potential but also a great opportunity to share experiences among UR-CE community.

Besides of what has been showcased, the Principal committed that the College is going to figure out the way that schools and Research Directorate should be engaged in a bid to explore all the available possibilities and integrate them so that the practice might be formalized and become a culture of the College of education.

Students showcasing their skills

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