US Band “Henhouse Prowlers” performs at University of Rwanda Huye Campus

The United States of America based Band “Henhouse Prowlers” performed at University of Rwanda Huye campus on Friday, 15th of May 2015. The Band known for its live performance of Bluegrass music style is on a tour in Africa in the framework of “American Music Abroad Tour 2015” organized by the US Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Ms Rebecca Danis, Deputy Public Affairs Officer at US Embassy in Rwanda asserted that this kind of tour in Rwanda was meant to help strengthen cultural exchanges between Rwandans and American artists. She added that such activities draw opportunities of bolstering musicians’ networks and encourage creative and artistic expression.

The Director of University Center of Arts and Drama (UCAD) at the College of Arts and Social Sciences, Mr. Georges Rwamasirabo noted the concert attracted attention of artists to understand the importance of music diversity. “The majority of our young artists tend to copy abroad music and forget our traditional music. That’s a big mistake. These American artists appreciated our music when students were playing our traditional instrument Inanga. They should stick with our traditional music because it is rich enough and in some cases they can even mix it music with other countries’ music but there is no reason to lose the identity of our traditional music”, explained Mr. Rwamasirabo.

The statement made by Mr. Georges Rwamasirabo was echoed by Mr. Jon Goldfine, a member of Henhouse Prowlers Bluegrass Band who said that they found in Rwandan a rich music via traditional songs, dances and instruments. Mr. Francis Munyanziza, a student at UR Huye Campus who does traditional Rwandan music expressed his joy over how he realized Henhouse Prowlers Band appreciated traditional Rwandan music. He concluded that it should serve as a lesson to Rwandan artists to be proud of their traditional music and must engage fully in that music style.

Henhouse Prowlers Bluegrass Band on their tour in Rwanda, they performed in Kigali, Rubavu and Huye from 11 to 16th May 2015.


Henhouse Prowlers Band performing at UR Huye campus.

Public enjoyed Hehouse Prowlers music performance.

Mr.Deo Munyakazi playing Inanga(a Rwandan traditional music instrument) and Mr. Francis Munyanziza singing. These students who do Rwandan traditional music were showcasing.

Mr. Francis Munyanziza teaching Dan Andree (a member of Henhouse Prowlers Band) Intore dancing.

Members of public taking photos of Henhouse Prowlers Band to make sure this performance gets written in history.

artist Students posing with the band

Mr. Georges Rwamasirabo, Director of University Centre for Arts and Drama who did his best to make sure the performance becomes a success

Artist students posing with Ms Rebecca Danis, Deputy Public Affairs Officer at US Embassy in Rwanda.

Story by Jean-Baptiste Micomyiza


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