The College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) holds Career Day on Monday May 11th 2015.

The UR_CAVM has held its Career Day 2nd Function on this Monday, May 11th 2015. The event, whose main theme was: Your Innovation, our Food Security Assurance" took place in Busogo Campus and has gathered different stakeholders from all over the country including the MINAGRI, NCBS, DOT, Land ‘O Lakes, Kenya Seed Company, USAID PSDAG Project, members of the Alumni association; just to name few partners. Government authorities were also present including the Mayors of Musanze and Nyabihu, representative from RDF and Police, local leaders and representatives of farmer cooperatives in Nyabihu and Musanze.

In her welcome remarks, the Principal of UR-CAVM, Dr. Laetitia NYINAWAMWIZA explained the purpose of the event: to share labor market experience, student entrepreneurial abilities in the field of agriculture, animal sciences and veterinary medicine and altogether assess the employability and marketability of UR-CAVM graduates and continuing students.

Six (6) Students presented their best innovation/Research ideas and business projects to inspire others, get advice and guidance from experienced employers and researchers who were present. The 1st student from the Department of Soil Sciences, Mr. Noel, has demonstrated his ability to turn his research ideas into a profitable and benefiting business worth 26,000,000 Frw, the composting project which attracted the attention of participants some of whom wowed to support the project. Amani TWAGIRAYEZU, a student from the Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Economics exhibited his ability to add value to fish product and promote the fishery industry for the county's food security, better health and employment creation. Gad NYANDWI from the Agri Mechanization proudly presented a maize-weeder machine that he fabricated.

The Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT Rwanda) explained ways of seizing career development opportunities that are present in the country and which allows students to bring about innovations in many area of the country's economy particularly in agriculture field. DOT Rwanda together with the National Capacity Building Secretariat (NBCS) called for students to continuously improve their employability and marketability.

Many awards were given to students winners of the Career Day essay contest 2015 Award (7 students); Best Innovation exhibitor award (3 students); Student Career development promotion Award (13 students including the media Club); and the Dairy Dynamic management (DDM) awards (7 staff and 31 students). Research topic for the essay contest were grouped under the following themes; (1) The Art and Science of Saving Food; (2) Gender perception of Agriculture resource ownership and its effect on Food security; (3) Novel ways of feeding the growing global population.

The Director General from MINAGRI who was the guest of honour, and the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research at the University of Rwanda praised UR-CAVM Staff and students to have organized such an event that showcases the quality of education that is taking place at campus. They emphasized on the continual need to improve research so as to bring about sustainable development as the agriculture sector must contribute 8.5% of the GDP.

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