Somali educationalists hail UR-CE progress in the training of teachers

The University of Rwanda-College of Education hosted a delegation from Somalia who are based in education sector. During their visit, they discussed the Rwandan Educational systems as well as sharing their academic experience with their UR-CE counterparts.

Some of the guests in attendance
Speaking to the guests, Prof. George Njoroge, the College’s Principal talked about the essence of the inception of the University of Rwanda. He said that merging public higher learning institutions was mainly geared by the fact that the facilities in former entities were scattered which was eventually leading to duplications of resources. Additionally, the Government managed to prevent practices in which former public institutions used to introduce different programmes irrespective of their original mission with a view to generate income to be able to learn their institutions.

“From the experience in other universities where the merger has taken place, we learned that it facilitated the maximum utilization of the resources available,” said Njoroge.

Concerning new programmes aimed at providing access to education for all, the College has established the School of Special Needs and Inclusive Education. According to Njoroge, this is to ensure that students with disabilities are given full support that enables them to grab opportunities that come with education. Besides, a friendly environment is provided to help them to have equal access to facilities. Additionally, Early Childhood Development has also been identified as one of programmes initiated to fill the skills gap of zero teachers in that domain.

Njoroge added that the College oversees the whole stream of learning right from kindergarten up to university level. Previously, the College had affiliated Colleges of education which are now merged into one Rukara campus and they are now fully integrated in the College of Education to offer diploma degrees in order to cater for lower secondary teaching.

Speaking during the visit, the head of the delegation said that they have chosen to visit the country given the similarities with Rwanda following the scenario of civil wars that ravaged the two countries and the fact that Rwanda has recovered in a relatively short time from the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The Principal expressed his gratitude to the visitors and called for continuing discussions such that both the institutes can share practices available in order to improve the teaching and learning systems.
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