UR Huye Campus joins the whole nation to mark the 21st commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsis

Tuesday, 07 April 2015,University of Rwanda (UR) Huye Campus joined the whole nation to mark the 21st commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsis.The ceremony started with observation of a one minute silence to honour those who lost their lives in the Genocide against Tutsis. The Next exercise was a session of prayers by different fait –based organizations and then an act of laying flowers on grave hosting the victims buried in the Genocide Memorial site of UR Huye Campus.The Resident Principal of UR Huye Campus, Dr Usta Kaitesi commended UR Huye campus community who attended the opening ceremony at UR Huye campus of the 21st Genocide commemoration. She explained that in this year the commemoration activities are held at village level and looking at many factors such as the History of the former NUR where UR Huye Campus is today and considering the number of students and staff who are part of intellectuals of this country, UR Huye stands as a village. She went on asking each and everyone to join hands in the fight against denial and negation of the Genocide against Tutsis. In her speech, Dr. Usta Kaitesi talked a little bit about the role of intellectuals in the Genocide against Tutsis and based on that, she requested students and staff to be at the forefront of the national transformation. She said: “As intellectuals we should take a lead in transforming this country into a country whereby there will be no more divisionism, injustice, Genocide ideology even poverty”.

In his address, Mr. Justin, Rutikanga, Coordinator of Students Survivors’ Association (AERG )UR Huye Campus, he indicated that commemorating the Genocide against Tutsis is a shared concern to all Rwandans since every Rwandan was affected by the Genocide against Tutsis directly or indirectly. Mr. Rutikanga concluded his speech by asking his fellow students to not to break the relationship they have with the country. “Let’s keep in mind that Rwanda belongs to us and we belong to it. There is no any reason to break this relationship. In this regard, no one should fall into a trap of people who plan to use youth to destroy our country”.

After activities planned to take place at the memorial site, students and staff as well as guests of UR Huye Campus gathered in the Main Auditorium to follow on Rwanda Television, the official opening ceremony of the 21st Commemoration week of the Genocide against Tutsis, a ceremony graced by His Excellency, the President of Republic of Rwanda.


Resident Principal speaking at the event.

Mr. Justin Rutikanga, Coordinator of AERG/UR Huye addresing diiferent people who attended the official opening ceremony of the 21st Commemoration of Genocide against Tutsis.

Resident Principal of UR Huye, Dr. Usta Kaitesi leading the exercise of laying flowers on grave.

Representative of Muslim Association at UR Huye Campus during prayers session.

Catholic Choir Illuminatio presenting a commemorative song.

Representative of Protestant churches' associations at UR Huye Campus praying

Heading to Auditorium to follow Rwanda Television which aired live the official opening ceremony of officiating the 21st Commemoration of Genocide against Tutsis.

People were many in Grand Auditorium.

Story by Jean Baptiste Micomyiza


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