You can’t achieve much if you do not build on strong values-Minister of Education told HLI’s Leadership

The Minister of Education, Prof. Silas Lwakabamba urged the leaders of Higher Learning Institutions to build on strong values if they want to achieve what the country expects from them. He made this call while opening officially Itorero for Senior Leadership of Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda on 08 March 2015.

In his address to the participants, Minister of Education explained that the overall goal of ITORERO is to build a Rwandan who is patriotic, hardworking, with positive values and who has a culture of integrity. Based on that, he challenged Higher Learning Institutions’ leaders to consider Itorero as an opportunity to examine how academicians should contribute to national transformation beyond academic routine. He said: "We believe thanks to Itorero, HLI's Leaders will have a common understanding on how to promote positive values. Obviously, this will help to make commitments in line with the national development agenda".

The Chairman of the National Itorero Commission, Mr. Boniface Rucagu noted that Higher Learning institutions will play a big role in promoting positive values not only in schools but also in their living places since they are considered as opinion leaders.

One of the participants, Dr Usta Kaitesi, Principal of the College of Arts and Social Sciences at University of Rwanda lauds the organizers for this Itorero because she thinks there was something missing to the side of HLI’s leaders. “Our students are already in Itorero. This Itorero is very important for HLI’s leadership because it was a problem for us to as lecturers to help students understand objectives of Itorero whereas many of us never attended Itorero activities”.

This particular ITORERO is under the theme: “Higher Learning Institutions at the forefront of National Service”. It brings together over 200 Senior Officials from higher education institutions both public and private, is a result of a request from Higher Education leaders who were inspired by the outcomes of the ITORERO for student representatives (INTAGAMBURUZWA) that took place last year at Ubutore Development Centre in Nkumba.


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