The Educational Research in the Clinical Environment training concluded

Eastern Africa Health Professions Education Association in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University through its Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education trained selected lecturers from College of Medicine and Health Sciences on conducting educational research in the clinical environment.

Prof. Arthur Hibble encouraged participants to share educational knowledge, skills and best practices with one another in order to improve the health profession. He underlined that despite the fact that the heritage of researchers might differ but all research areas in the health profession end up sustaining the people’s lives. On this note, he underlined that countries need to produce their own evidence base for effective teaching building on their contexts.

Prof. Philip Cotton, the Principal of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences commended trainers for having built the capacity of the college’s capacity. He further underlined the significance of such refresher trainings for people involved in the teaching and health professions.

“You need this training for your individual development and also building this nation’s development through the researches you will conduct. Let us then use the knowledge and skills acquired here to raise the profile of the University of Rwanda and make it become the best,” the Principal reflected.

During this two day training sponsored by ARISE Project, the faculty was trained in educational research methods, research question development, qualitative study development and analysis, literature review and various ways of disseminating research findings.

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