Call for applications for 2-months postdoc training (stage de recyclage) in Belgium in 2018


The University of Rwanda has a partnership with French Belgium Universities, and financed by ARES (Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur), for raising academic human capacity in the area of life sciences, including areas related to natural sciences, biology, chemistry, agriculture and medicine. The Subproject named result No. 2 is calling for applicants to a postdoctoral training of 2 months in Belgium where you will be visiting a laboratory, and being in contact with experienced researchers of your choice.

Targeted audience and procedures

The academic staff with PhD in the above targeted areas, especially in the following colleges: CST, CAVM, and CMHS; One best applicant will be selected and earn a training of 2 months in any Belgium French university in 2018. The applicants must send their applications detailing the training needed and how it is a complement to their present research activities.

Application file

Application file will contain the following documents: (i) application letter explaining the motivation and specifying the type of training needed; (ii) recommendation letter from the direct supervisors: Dean and HoD; (iii) last promotion letter; and (iv) CV; and but not exclusively, if you have any contact laboratory in Belgium where you can perform your training, please provide supporting documents (invitation letter).
Excluded audience
Employees who have benefited a training offered by UR & ARES-CCD Project from 2014 to 2017 are excluded from this call.

Application deadline

The deadline for application is fixed on 27th March 2018 at 18h00.


All applications will be sent electronically to the Responsible of Results No.2 within UR-ARES Project, Prof. Donat NSABIMANA ( and copy to Prof. Michel Frederich ( ).

Done at Huye, 20th February 2018

Team Leader of Results No.2

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