Teacher training workshop Geosciences, Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation in Rwanda 9-12 January 2018

The Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, (CoEB), hosted at University of Rwanda, Huye campus is facilitating a four-day workshop entitled: Training in GeoSciences, Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation for Science Teachers of SecondarySchools in Rwanda. The workshop will begin on 9 to 12 January 2018.

Funded by UNESCO, as part of the joint programme entitled Support to the Development and Implementation of a Green Economy Approach to Rwanda’s Economic Transformation, designed to support improved systems for sustainable management of the environment and natural resources and to achieve greater environmental and climate change resilience for Rwanda. The Training Workshop in GeoSciences, Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation for Science Teachers of Secondary Schools in Rwanda will focus on Science teacher training -training in earth sciences, biodiversity and environmental conservation for science teachers of secondary schools in Rwanda. Teachers were selected from districts around the country to represent the different regions.

Content and presentations about the geoscience/environment/ natural resource context and current research will be provided by nodes and partners of the CoEB. An experienced educator/facilitator from Keele University in UK (Prof Chris King) is coming to work with teachers to translate this content into curriculum including active teaching methods to develop critical thinking skills among students.

This format of involving nodes in the training of teachers will facilitate networking between CoEB nodes and schools in Rwanda, and follow up connections will be monitored so that lasting connections can be developed to support active geosciences training relevant to Rwanda’s context. This training will contribute to preparing youth to contribute to green economy initiatives by supporting improved science teaching and strengthening connections between science research and secondary school science teaching.

The mission of the CoEB is enhancing the knowledge of biodiversity and natural resource management for sustainable development. Education and awareness raising about the environment and biodiversity are part of its mission.

For more information: www. coebiodiversity.ur.ac.rw

Email: coeb@ur.ac.rw


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