UR: Postgraduate activities handed over to the Ag. University Director, Center for Graduate Studies

Yesterday, 21st December 2017 at UR-Gikondo campus there was a ceremony of hand over between Prof Kato Jonas NJUNWA, the outgoing Acting University Director of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate studies and Dr. Celestin NTIVUGURUZWA, the Ag. University Director, Center for Graduate Studies. The handover constitute the record of guidelines, frameworks, regulations and various forms that relate to the directorate of the research, innovation and postgraduate studies. It include a list of programmes submitted to DRIPGS but not yet approved by Higher Education Council (HEC).
The purpose of separating the two Directorates is to ameliorate the activities in postgraduate unity at UR. Once it is well done there will be coherence in terms application, admission and registration in all colleges than it is today. ”There is a lot to do in order to improve the quality of postgraduate education in the University of Rwanda” Said Prof. Kato Jonas NJUNWA.

DVC AAR and Staff from the two Directorates during the ceremony.

Dr. NTIVUGURUZWA, the Ag. University Director, Center for Graduate Studies is not new from the family of UR as he occupied different positions in UR from head of department, Director of a center and Dean of school. In his remarks, he thanked the management of UR for the trust given to him and promised to deliver as best as he can. He also thanked Prof Kato for his contribution to UR activities and hoped to give him advice and support wherever needed to move forward to the mandate of UR but also to the mandate of the government in regard to HEC.

According to him, the challenging issue of these postgraduate programmes at institutional level is that they are considered as income generation activity and also as additional task instead of being considered as teaching workload. There should be ownership by the Deans, Deputy Dean and Head of Department at school level when distributing the workload regarding both undergraduate and postgraduates’ programmes.

UR Staff who participated in the Handover Report

Prof.Kato Jonas NJUNWA and Dr. Celestin NTIVUGURUZWA shakin hands after the ceremony

Story by Jacqueline UMUPFASONI
PR& Communication Office-UR
Photos SEKAMANA Mathias Joshua MATARE/ Student Intern.


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