MEDSAR celebrate World Human Rights day

Human rights day is observed every year on 10th December. The day marks the commemoration of 1948 Universal Declaration of Human rights adopted by United Nations General Assembly.

This year, Medical Students' Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR) under its standing committee on Human rights and peace “SCORP” celebrated the day at UR Huye Campus. On this occasion, MEDSAR students were involved in varied activities including capacity building of students on human rights under the theme: “stand up for someone’s right”. They also conducted a series of other activities such as Human rights session, medical ethics and patient rights as well as online campaign.

Participants during the commemoration of Human Rights day

During the session on Human rights, the association helped participants to understand more about human rights in general as well as migrant’s rights and health. This was facilitated by two speakers from CLADHO Rwanda who respectively talked about migrant’s rights and human rights in general. This enabled participants to be aware that Human Rights is the basic freedom and protections entitled to every person.

With regard to medical ethics and patient right, Prof Jean Bosco Gahutu took participants through all the rights that patients should enjoy and urged medical students to respect the core medical ethics such as confidentiality, consent to mention but a few.    Gahutu who is a Professor in Physiology, School of Medicine and Pharmacy at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences also emphasized on values that should characterize a good doctor.

Medical students pose for a group photo

In the course of the week, students also harnessed social media platform to disseminate messages about human rights. It involved the use of posters and online discussions entitled “a voice for humanity” about different aspects of human mainly on strategies of how each individual can stand up for someone’s rights.  This triggered a constructive interaction and sharing of ideas with variety of different people.

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