Research in and around Rwanda’s National Parks Symposium

Symposium rationale

Parks are the main tool we have today to protect biodiversity on our planet. Rwanda has four national parks representing unique ecosystems and biodiversity; these parks are also integral to Rwanda’s tourism economy. The parks are moreover subject to intense pressures from the communities living adjacent to the park boundaries, as well as from external drivers.

This symposium, organized by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) together with UR's Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management, is an opportunity for researchers, both seasoned scientists and young researchers, to present research findings in an open, collaborative atmosphere. Researchers with studies on ecosystems, landscapes, plants and animals, threats, socio-economic issues, and people within and around one of the four national parks of Rwanda may submit an abstract to be included in this symposium.

Objectives of the symposium are:

1) Provide a platform for park management to learn about research results and application to park management issues,

2) Improve biodiversity conservation and tourist experiences through research,

3) Help make parks more effective, reduce conflicts between people and parks/wildlife, and contribute to wellbeing of communities around national parks through research results, and

4) Foster greater collaboration among researchers, and between researchers and park staff to support RDB.

Deadline for abstract submission extended to: 22 November, 2017

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