Prof. Anne Sumner gave a Public lecture at UR-CMHS

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, Prof. Anne Sumner, MD gave a Public talk at the University of Rwanda’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences under the theme: "Reversing the Tide: Diagnosis and Prevention of Diabetes in Africa". The well attended lecture was very informative to the UR faculty from all the College’s schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry and that of Public health. Staff and other partner institutions that were invited benefited from the speaker’s wide experience about non-communicable diseases especially diabetes.

Participants during the Public talk

Prof.Sumner is a senior investigator at the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Diseases at the National Institute of Health in the USA.
She is also a faculty staff at the Department of Medicine, Howard University College and the Georgetown University Medical Center.

The purpose of her lecture was to encourage early screening tests and timely interventions to decrease the impact of the disease that is now occurring at highly alarming rates worldwide.
“Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in people globally” she noted. To reverse this trend and improve longevity and quality of life, clarity on the causes of the disease and improved screening is necessary and also change our consumer and nutritional behaviour.

In her remarks, the Principal of CMHS Dr. Jeanne Kagwiza thanked the guest speaker for sharing her experience with fellow academics in Rwanda and emphasised than need for preventive measures than curing as well as early detection, she also said that one of the reasons for Prof. Anne’s visit to Rwanda is to discuss a long term partnership with stakeholders in the health sector.

More Photos:

Government institutions such RBC were represented

The Dean of the School of Medicine at UR-CMHS Dr. Stephen Rulisa (right) also attended the lecture.

The CMHS Principal Dr.Jeanne Kagwiza attended the lecture

A group photo

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