A workshop held to develop the Curriculum for the African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT)

A one week workshop organized by the University of Rwanda is currently on going to finalize the Curriculum that will be used to deliver academic programs at the newly established ACE IoT, a center based at UR and partly funded by the World Bank.

The DVC academics and research, Prof. Nelson Ijumba giving his opening remarks.

The workshop was officially opened on Monday 8th May 2017, by the UR Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs Prof. Nelson Ijumba. In his remarks he thanked the organizing team for bringing together a pool of experienced academia from within the country and abroad to ensure that the curriculum is meeting the expected standards.

The Principal of the College of Science and Technology making his presentation.

The Principal of the College of Science and Technology Dr. Ignace Gatare in his remarks hinted on the concept, feasibility and realization of the centre’s main objectives . He said that with the fiber optic rolled out all over the country, the backbone of the centre is now in place.

Prof. Santhi Kumaran. Center Leader of the ACEIoT.

Dr. Luc Ngend making his presentation.

The internet of things is the big thing of the moment in the world of internet, it has revolutionized many sectors with applications that are transforming lives through environmental management,monitoring and control by remote sensing,agriculture,health equipment,automation in e-governance,tourism, networking,security and software development. Tools like drones are now being used in delivery of blood to hospitals in remote areas in Rwanda and mapping of Geo spatial topographies which are normally inaccessible due to poor road infrastructure.

Experts in the field of IoT attending the workshop include Prof.Raja Datta of the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, Dr. Marco Zennaro of ICTP –Italy, Dr. Chomora Mikeka from the University of Malawi, Dr.Jimmy Nsenga from CETIC in Belgium and senior UR faculty staff in ICT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the networked interconnection of objects in addition to traditional networked devices. This new technology has the potential to change the world, just as the Internet did. This is very much starting to happen, as the continual decrease in size, cost, and energy consumption of wireless devices is dramatically boosting the number of mobile objects.

The number of mobile objects composing the IoT will significantly grow: in 2020, between 12 and 50 billion devices are expected to be connected with each other, a 12 to 50-fold increase from 2012. This implies that the traffic generated will explode. The huge amount of traffic will require standardized interfaces and IP address utilization.

ACE IoT project is a regional initiative to enhance higher education and innovative research capacity of the East and South African Region. The latest ICT technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential to ensure success through an innovation-led pathway. ACEIoT is a collaborative Project with Regional and International partners from Academia, Industries and Research Institutions. ACEIoT will build on UR-CST’s existing collaborations with the local and international partners, including Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda, and the International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy.

ACE IoT’s objectives are to (i) build a critical mass of African scientists and engineers in IoT through higher education and research, and (ii) set up an IoT living lab in Rwanda for open innovation and co-creation of IoT for Development. The aim is to develop efficient service delivery solutions for Africa's most pressing challenges in agriculture, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and education, thus addressing the developmental challenges of the ESA region focusing on innovative, low-cost, open and sustainable solutions, and excel as a focal point for regional and international research collaborations, by providing a forum for researchers to share ideas and results on IoT applications.

Services offered by the center:• Offering Masters and Ph.D programs in collaboration with partners• Training Professionals and Engineers to carry out fundamental, applied and multidisciplinary and multi-site research in the IoT field.• Increase IoT applied research output with relevance to ESA priority domains, through a focus on low-cost, innovative, open and sustainable solutions,• Offering Short Courses and Professional Training Courses


More Photos

A group photo of participants with the UR-CST Principal,Dr.Ignace Gatare (centre)

Participants at the workshop.

Dr. Marco Zennaro from ICTP-Italy making his presentation.

A presentation at the workshop.


Story by:Eric MugishaUR-Corporate Communications Office.


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