UR MEDSAR hosting the SCOPH International Summer School

The SCOPH international Summer School is a 2-3 weeks MEDSA-Rwanda Summer program that is gathering in one place medical students from different health systems and health challenges background to share experience, learn and discuss on the current biggest public health issues by getting a chance for direct exposure to those issues. The Participants came from 9 countries and Rwanda.

The SCOPH International Summer School 2017 will focus on the two major current global health challenges; Non Communicable Diseases & Climate Change and Health.

SISS2017 Participants Group in Public Health Leadership Training session

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and Climate change are two of the defining challenges of the 21st century, each posing significant threats to health and sustainable development. Referred to as ‘Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development’, health, NCDs and climate change feature prominently in this new set of goals. There is a dedicated target on NCDs under goal 3 for health, and goal 13 focuses exclusively on climate action.

Climate change is projected to have increasingly damaging effects on communities and economies over the coming decades, being set to cause several hundred thousand deaths annually by 2030. At the same time, NCDs, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and mental and neurological disorders are already responsible for 68 percent of global mortality- a proportion which continues to grow.

The Participants will benefit from the unique chance to get exposed to patients with different chronic diseases such cancers, diabetes, hypertensions and they will learn ways of palliation in normal and poor settings. Small numbers of classical lectures, Workshops, outreaches, trainings and internship and visits in hospital are present to extensively nail the NCDs concept. During this Summer School Students will actively participate in the Free Population Screenings of some NCDs and extensively master theoretical and practical skills.

This year International Summer School will offer medical students participant the rare chance of experiencing and leaving the health impacts of the climate change, the current most global health challenge. Medical students will learn the coexistence existing between the Climate Change and different diseases such as Non Communicable Diseases.

SISS2017 Participants Group in Public Health Leadership Training session

Among the trainings there is Public Health Leadership, an IFMSA (International Federation of medical Students Associations) international training which will be held for first time in Africa. Additional to this IFMSA international training, Participants will benefit from training to be the 1st GLOBAL HEALTH Trainers and become GLOBAL HEATH ambassadors back home, furthermore they will be privileged to be a part of the life changing “3rd Rwanda Global Health Course”.

The SCOPH International Summer School additional benefits range from providing extraordinary both theoretical and practical medical knowledge to making new friends, developing social skills, recreational activities and sightseeing. It also empowers and creates future Health Activists and its benefits range from having fun to learning much.

SISS2017 Participants Group in Global Health Training of New Trainers session

With extensive, unique and fantastic social programs, participants will enjoy the summer in the country of thousand hills and get to know each other. Different trips are organized for attendees at different historical and local places to get to know the country and its fascinating history.

Visit www.siss.medsarwanda.org

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