UR to benefit from UNESCO-UNITWIN Open Course Ware Initiative

Participants,instructors from Korea and UR Deputy Vice Chancellors in a group photo at the launch of the initiative

UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the University Twinning and Networking Program,and a UNESCO initiative, the program was conceived as a way to advance research, training and program development in all of UNESCO’s fields of competence by building university networks and capacity and encouraging inter-university cooperation through the transfer of knowledge.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor incharge of academics and research at UR Prof. Nelson Ijumba(right)attended the launching session

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital publication of high quality university‐level educational materials. The materials are organized as courses, and often include course planning materials and evaluation tools as well as thematic content. OpenCourseWare is free and openly licensed, accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Professors from South Korea's Handong Global University making a presentation about the proposed joint program

UNESCO and UNITWIN Network projects have proven useful in establishing new teaching programmes, generating new ideas through research and reflection, and facilitating the enrichment of existing university programmes while respecting cultural diversity.
It is in this regard that a one day seminar was held at UR on 10th August 2017 to brief the academic staff and the University senior management on how this program will be run jointly by UR and Korea’s Handong Global University.

Partcipants following a presentation

Handong Global University, plans to harness the internet to make courseware open to the public in order to increase access to quality educational material for everyone including those who do not enjoy the privilege of formal education. This initiative is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education and seeks qualified scholars at universities to contribute to a growing pool of open lectures throughout the world. The initiative will provide a platform for instructors to upload their materials, allocate monetary funds for instructors willing to participate, and offer training on teaching with digital media and intellectual property.

Participants during the training session.

Expected Outcome
Capacity building: Participating faculty will have a better understanding of digital media and teaching, leading to enhancement in teaching.

Global benefits: Open contents created through the initiative will benefit not only the students at participating institutions but also other teachers, students and self-learners from all over the world.

Networking and collaboration: Participating faculty’s involvement with the community will enable them to access and exchange with colleagues from universities around the world.

The dual function of UNESCO and UNITWIN Networks as “think tanks” and “bridge builders” between the academic world, civil society, local communities, research and policy-making;

Stimulation of triangular North-South-South cooperation;

Creation of regional or sub-regional poles of innovation and excellence.


Report by: Eric Mugisha
UR-Corporate Communications Office.


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