Regional scholars discuss the promotion and demystification of Mathematics and Science

Academics from regional varsities are convened for a three day workshop at the University of Rwanda with a view to discuss various mechanisms to revamp the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Sciences. The workshop is organized by African Centre of Excellence for Innovative Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Sciences (ACEITLMS) based in the University of Rwanda -College of Education.    

In his opening remarks, Prof. George Njoroge the Principal of the University of Rwanda College Of Education noted that the idea of innovation as reflected in the Centre’s title is to try to address the legacy of failure in relation to students’ performance in Science and Mathematics. He also underscored the importance of the Centre and called on all the actors in education to ensure that they bring life to the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics.

Opening remarks by Prof Njoroge

“Science and Mathematics are key in the current age and cannot afford to be left behind’ Njorge said.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Nelson Ijumba the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics at the University of Rwanda urged a change of attitude of teachers to ensure that they are facilitators of learning instead of being masters of knowledge in classroom. According to him, this will not only contribute to the employability of graduates but also trigger a respect to facilitators of learning in the society. 

Prof. Nelson address during the workshop

Ijumba added that ACEITLMS will be one of the key driving forces of the research at the University of Rwanda which in the recent past was deficient in terms of its impact to communities, national development and social economic transformation. 

“People are not going to work alone and they must undertake research that makes a difference towards the lives of the people” Said Ijumba, adding that for countries to effectively participate in global knowledge economy, they need impactful and relevant research.

The representative of World Bank in the workshop commended the University of Rwanda for having four Centres of Excellence selected to be funded by World Bank. Dr Silas Udahemuka added that the initiative is also complementing another Bank’s supported intervention including the Partnership of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (PASET) and the recent agreement between WB and Government of Rwanda worthy $120M which is oriented in priority skills for growth.      

Dr Udahemuka, World Bank representative

“The fact that the University Rwanda won four centres of excellences is a sign of University commitment and dedication” said Udahemuka, the WB Human Development Specialist.

In her keynote speech, Prof. Verdiana Masanja observed a wide mismatch between university learning experience and work required skills which affects graduates at the job market.  According to her, the mismatch is attributed among others to Universities lack laboratories, up-to-date equipment, and workshops for conducting practical training as well as students and universities lack funds for fieldwork in the case of field intensive programmes. 

Keynote speech by Prof. Masanja

Masanja who made a presentation on Research and Quality in Tertiary Education in EAC tipped industries to play a big role in collaboration with tertiary institutions in the teaching of the employability skills by bringing in classroom real experiences from industries. They would also bring researchable real problems for students’ projects while offering on-job training to students to give them the missing practical experience.

Workshop was also attended by Dr Gasingirwa (1st right), DG Science & Technology-MINEDUC

The ACEITLMS is part of four African Centres of Excellence at the University of Rwanda whose funds by World Bank were approved through a competitive process. Other Centres include ACE in Data Sciences, ACE in Energy for Sustainable Development and ACE in Internet of Things. The Centres aim to strengthen selected East African higher learning institutions to deliver quality postgraduate education with collaborative research capacity in regional priority areas.

This workshop brought together academics from other regional institutions including Aga Khan University, University of Dar es Salaam, State University of Zanzibar, Makerere, Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.


More Photos

Prof. Yadav ACEITLMS Director

From left -Dr Maryam Jaffar Ismail -State University of Zanzibar and Dr Mike HUGHES-MINEDUC

A section of participants in the workshop

Story by:Murangwa DariusCorporate Communications OfficeUniversity of Rwanda


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