FEMENG 2017 Project

Preparations for the upcoming FEMENG 2017 Project are underway to. The workshops will happen June 28th to July 26th here in Rwanda. A team of 24 girls have been selected; 8 female engineering students from Glasgow university, UK, plus 8 girls from College of Science and technology, UR, Rwanda plus 8 high school girls from Rwanda. All 24 girls will camp at Nyarugenge campus for a month, during which they will visit various high schools in Rwanda to pitch STEM workshops aiming to raise the awareness of STEM and motivate more and more young Rwandans (especially girls) to own this dream.

The theme of the workshop is: THE WORLD NEEDS STEM, STEM NEEDS GIRLS MORE.

More information can be found in;

Our Blog: https://femengrwanda.wordpress.com
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/femenginrwanda/


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