EMPOWER Lake Kivu, Rwanda Field Course, June 2018 “Water and Energy in the Developing World”

The first international field course with a focus on Lake Kivu(water, geological framework, limnology, geochemistry).


This field-based training course focuses on scientific issues pertaining to water resources and power generation in Rwanda.  Our field sites are on and adjacent to Lake Kivu, one of the Great Lakes of Africa, located within the East African Rift System. Training exercises will focus on the geology, limnology, energy generation and social issues as they pertain to Lake Kivu and Rwanda.

Lake Kivu is unique in the world on account of its enormous accumulations of methane and carbon dioxide in its deep waters, which provide a unique source of energy source but also pose a great risk to surrounding communities. We will address these and many other issues alongside Rwandan students from the University of Rwanda.

Syracuse University, University of Rwanda-College of Science and Technology with the support of the U.S. National Science Foundationand also with the logistical assistance from Lake Monitoring Programme and Contour

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