Conference Announcement and Call for Papers: The 7th EACA Annual Conference 25 – 27 August 2017

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The University of Rwanda (UR), School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) in collaboration with the Fojo Media Institute Linnaeus University, Sweden, wishes to announce the 7th Annual East African Communication Association (EACA) conference to be held in Kigali at the UR Gikondo Campus from 25th – 27th August 2017.  The conference theme is:  “The economics of media business in the 21st century”. 

The overall aim of the EACA 2017 conference is to examine media and communication developments in the digital age and in an increasingly market-oriented environment. The conference provides a forum for free exchange of ideas on the key issues and challenges affecting the media and communication industry in the region and beyond in relation to the above theme. 

The EACA conference is an annual event where media and communication scholars, educators, trainers, researchers and practitioners from East Africa, Africa and beyond to deliberate issues related to media practice, scholarship and development.  This years conference will particularly assess, in the light of these values, the regional, continental and global opportunities and risks that are created for media by the following developments:

  • Growth of new media platforms as sources of news
  • The economics of media businesses in the digital era
  • The switchover from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting
  • Serving the publics interest in a market-oriented media environment
  • Convergence of traditional broadcasting with telecommunications 

In addition to building bridges between media researchers, academics, practitioners and, to some extent, policy-makers and regulators, the conference provides a platform for delegates to debate on these issues encouraging stakeholders to participate and influence change. At the same time, the papers presented will create a knowledge base, laying foundations for advocacy work, building capacity and enhancing further debate. 

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited in relation to the theme: “The economics of media business in the 21st century, and in any of the following thematic areas or sub-themes:

  • Economic imperatives versus media ethics
  • Is Africa ready for the digitization and media economic models
  • Is a Journalist still a Journalist in the digital age and an increasingly corporate world?
  • The future of citizen journalism in market-oriented media contexts?
  • Digitization and Media legislation and regulation
  • Media and Communication as business in developing contexts.
  • Economic implications of digital migration on media institutions.
  • Media and freedom of expression in the digital age
  • Representation of/Reporting gender issues in business oriented newsrooms/contexts
  • Funding media institutions: Challenges, opportunities and innovations.
  • Media education in the digital and commercialized institutional contexts: Challenges, opportunities and innovations.
  •  Challenges and opportunities for C4D and Social change communication
  • Strengthening Public Relations and corporate communication in Africa
  • The need for media literacy in the digital content explosion 

Guidelines on abstract submission 


Submit your abstracts for a paper presentation (within the word limit of 300 words) to, as an attachment in word format clearly indicating the title of the paper, the author(s) and contact details (institutional affiliation, email address and phone contacts). Also include a short biography/biographies of the authors. 

Panel Discussions

Abstracts for panel discussion topics should be within the overall theme of the conference and should include: (a) a title; (b) motivation of not more than 300 words; (c) a brief description of each panel paper, and (d) a full list of participants with their telephone, email contacts and biographies. All other abstract formatting guidelines apply. 

Policy-makers and industry participants are especially encouraged to submit panel proposals. 

Submission of full papers

Full papers may be submitted in soft copy following the same format as the abstract and written using the APA or Harvard style of referencing. Papers should be between 6000 and 8000 words. Submit to

Deadline for abstract submission is 30th March 2017. 

Conference Registration Fees

  • Registered EACA members- $30
  • Non-EACA members-$ 40
  • Corporate (10 members at the minimum)-$25 for each member
  • Students-$25 

Expected Impact

The conference's is expected to give greater publicity to the current thorny questions related to the challenges faced by news and communication media platforms in the digital and commercialized age. This is expected to mobilize efforts that will support and sustain reforms in the East African region and beyond for tackling these concerns.



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