Call for Abstracts for Youth Conservation Innovation Poster Competition: A Conversation on Conservation (COC) Conference 28-29 August 2017.

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A Conversation on Conservation 28-29 August 2017Conservation – the foundation for sustainable tourism

The Conversation on Conservation (COC) is a two-day annual conference with delegates attending from all over the world. This important forum brings together leading experts to debate Africa’s conservation challenges and find solutions to preserve ecosystems for future generations.


This year’s COC topics are: Conservation in the face of climate change Conservation – a collective responsibility Cross-Cutting Theme: Engaging Youth in Conservation Innovation


Call for Abstracts for Youth Conservation Innovation Poster Competition

As an important aspect of the scientific/educational component of the Conversation on Conservation, this second annual poster competition is being launched. We consider three categories of youth: secondary school students, university students in Bachelors programs, and postgraduate students. Youth are invited to submit an abstract representing an innovation project for conservation related to one the following themes:

  1. 1) Survival and Conservation of Rwanda’s Ecosystems and Species, including ecosystem services, invasive species control, community-based conservation, etc.

  2. 2) Linkages between Sustainable Development Goals and preservation of Africa’s ecosystems

  3. 3) Tackling the Problem of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in Africa

  4. 4) Land use and conservation

  5. 5) Climate change and conservation, including Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES),

    climate adaptation strategies, etc.

  6. 6) Linkages between human and wildlife health

  7. 7) Ecology and conservation of wildlife and plant species in Rwanda, including human-

    wildlife conflicts, endangered species conservation, etc.


Only one abstract allowed per applicant.

Deadline for poster abstract submission: 31 July 2017


Click here for more details and to download the application form.


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